Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Still here

Yep we're still here - the sheep and I. The list is long for why it's been a while since I've posted. I feel sheepish making excuses. Like a student trying to think of a real good one for why the paper isn't done.

I haven't been too busy - although I convinced myself of it often :o). I had a fairly quiet winter. Yeah, I know it's still winter - but that is just a Julian technicality. The ladybug and the fly bouncing around on my sunporch window say differently. My cleaning/organizing/decluttering/THROW THIS *&%$ AWAY hormones say differently. You know how scientists say that it's a thing in a birds brain that causes it to migrate? Well, bird-brains aside, I think I've got a thing in my brain too - spring cleaning. Spring fever. Ask any 2nd grade teacher - they'll confirm the validity of this thing.
I know we'll have some major snow still (actually, I'm really hoping we will), but in my mind it is Spring. So who knows, maybe this brain thing is tied into my desire to write as well. I have been doing lots of writing lately. More than in the dead of winter when having the desire would have been nicer - definitely more convenient.
So, we'll see. It grosses me out to think that my house is harbouring flies. Year round.

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