Sunday, March 18, 2012

Snow Surprise

So Friday when I was looking at the weather report and listening to the radio off and on they didn't say much about snow...
Today I sat in the sunporch and finished the Darwath trilogy by Barbara Hambly. (Actually I didn't know it was a trilogy. I thought it was a cinqology - as in five. So I was looking forward to finishing the third book and the downloading the fourth - because while searching I saw that there was a fifth. Logical, right? But when I looked up the series, I couldn't find the fourth! In my head I began grumbling about how yet again the library had an incomplete series and I'd have to buy the fourth book. Incidentally, our library system is amazing. It is a conglomerate of dozens of libraries and you can take out books from any of them - order the one you want and they send it to your library. I love my local library. Capital L love it. But. There are times when they order in incomplete sets of a series. And, although I should know better by now and check before I start, I don't. My brain can only do so much, you know? Oh, another awesome thing abot our monolithic library system is that they are hooked into the Overdrive system where you can download audio and ebooks onto your iPod or pad or kindle or whatever. Well, this time the library did NOT make a mistake. There are three books, then there is a fifth book - a lesser character from the first three is the main character and the main characters from the first three are not. Sorta makes sense. Only sorta. Okay now, I am going to close this bracket, so don't let me throw you off here - I'm sure I've broken some cardinal law with this long rabbit trail, but here goes.). I'd never heard of her, it she's really good! She Would absolutely kick butt in Scrabble. I learned SO many new words reading from her. Big words. And I don't think they are in the thesaurus words. And I don't know why I haven't heard of her - when I checked her out on goodreads and Wikipedia, she has written a plethora of books. (felt I should use a big word to honour miss Hambly). I'm gonna read more of her. Well, at 5:30 I left the sunporch, had dinner and retired to the living room to surf the net and watch Harry's Law. I am so tempted to take a bunny trail here, but let's just say I really enjoy Harry's Law. At about 6:30 I went into the kitchen and whoa! Snow! Like two inches at least! I looked out and saw some of my ewes standing in a single line facing southwest. I thought maybe they'd caught an equine fever or something and put their butts to the wind. It really amused me so I grabbed my camera and went out to take a picture.

One thing led to another and I'd taken 57. I love digital. Remember using film cameras? It seems so long ago. Now with digital and photoshop, anyone can be a great photographer.
Here are a few more shots that amused me. (yeah, yeah it's easy to do).

Dahla one of my goats. I messed around with the shutterspeed and it turned out pretty neat.

Mamma! I'm hungry!


Three hens got caught unawares, too. I'll have to get the eggs before the dogs do in the morning.
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