Sunday, January 9, 2011

No News...

So they say no news is good news... And that's pretty much it for me. Or rather no news means not much has changed. I kept feeling bad about not updating my blog, but I'd log on, look at my hybernating post and it just looked exactly the same as what I looked at out the window each day. We've had lots of snow. In fact, I'm snowed in as I write this. It just feels boring. Snow Snow Snow. I'm totally not complaining. It's not bothering me. It's just been a bit mundane. Although this weekend is a bit more exciting with the blizzard we're having. It's been a while since I've seen drifts this big:
My van is the teeny blip on the left slope of this drift in front of the garage. It's been two hours since this photo and the van has now disappeared. You can see how it's supposed to look in the first picture - the van, that is.
The sheep didn't even venture outside until about 2:30 this afternoon. Poor buggers. The windchill is really scary. I went out to feed about this time and bundled up all except my eyes and nose and they were hurting from the exposure in just a few minutes.
My driveway was about knee deep a couple hours ago. I've got four wheel drive, but I may be calling in my brother's Bobcat services.
Yesterday I woke up at 7am and quickly drove into the city to buy some paint to paint my bedroom because they were calling for this storm. I'm so glad I bought it because it looks like I may be home for a while. I've actually only painted the ceiling so far. For Christmas I was given a Satelite for my tv (before I had 1 fuzzy channel), so I've been watching tv and reading a novel for pretty much the entire day. And enjoying it. My top 3 shows are Extreme Home Makeover, Dog Whisperer and Sarah Palin's Alaska. What awesome shows. I'm in heaven.


Cicero Sings said...

I admit, there hasn't been too much to blog about. Who, are you getting some drifts. We've been getting a little snow but nothing like you! So nice to be given an excuse to fell good about lollying.

Jayne said...

OK, so I won't go on and on about how we have 6'+ on the deck this morning, and how THAT is an EVENT way down here in Georgia! Stay warm my friend and enjoy those new shows! (I love watching Cesar!)

Jayne said...

Uh.... I totally meant 6 INCHES, not feet... lol.