Monday, January 10, 2011

It grew!

I think later today I am going to climb my new mountain and put my flag on it. The peak of the garage you can see in the background is about 12ft high, I'd guess. My van is GONE. I don't actually drive this van in the winter - I store the goat's feed in it. It's been the only place that Domino hasn't ransacked. Thankfully the wind has gone down and the snow has stopped. Hopefully we're done with the blizzard and can start focusing on the digging out. Ugh. Maybe let's just go back to the blizzard. I watched 4 hours of Extreme Home Makeover yesterday and Sarah Palin's Alaska finale. I finished my novel.... and hmm.... I've got another one....Work seems like a crummy idea.
Poor Bailey has had enough of the cold. Not that she spends much time out in it.... Most of her time is spent in the house - curled up in a ball amongst some blankets - on the couch!


Jayne said...

OK, so I am audibly gulping about now. Man, a snow MOUNTAIN! That's enough to put major fear in this Southern girl's heart.

Deborah said...

That snow is INSANE!