Monday, April 12, 2010

Rain(snow), go away -

Annie and Andy want to play. Today is a much needed snowy/rainy day. We are so dry and I've been worrying about it (like any good rancher/farmer) so when I saw the flakes this morning it was such a beautiful feeling. I didn't have any work to do today, so I grabbed my cozy blanket and a novel and read, napped, read, watched Oprah, read.... you get the picture. It felt good. I didn't start feeling guilty until about an hour ago :o).
The animals - dogs and cats spent the afternoon in the porch - as did Annie and Andy.
What do lambs do when inside? Take a look:

Bless their darn woolly hearts. Stinkers.


Deborah said...

Crazy little lambs.

Lynn Stromwall said...

My they were busy little ewes while you were napping...reminds me of when my daughter was a toddler and she caught me napping. Looks like good fun.