Friday, January 22, 2010

Gardening Anyone?

So I've noticed that a few bloggers, 'down south', are preparing to start their gardens. That just boggles my mind. We had a heavy heavy fog and then woke up this morning and yesterday morning both with a funky hoar frost. It left really sharp dagger like tendrils on everything. Just a wee reminder that winter is still among us - a nasty reminder.
Beautiful but harsh reminder

Here's my garden folks. Gardening anyone?


Deborah said...

I'm already BEHIND with my planting. Potatoes should already be in the ground as should peas, lettuce and other greens. I still need to take down a stump and prepare a new garden bed area. Want to come help?

onecollie said...

hi Heather...glad to have you visit my blog!, I'll make sure to check in on yours too, wasn't that hoar frost awesome!!!