Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh Sweet Love

Over the past month or so my grey cat, Shasta, has fallen in love with my sheep dog, Bailey. Until the last couple of days, Bailey has resisted her advances - on principle, of course. But Shasta has been determined, sneaking in little rubs, loving pats and when Bailey is sound asleep, she stealthily crawls up and snuggles in real close. It gives me fits of giggles to watch. I'm not sure what is funnier - Shasta's 'dogged' determination to love on Bailey, or Bailey's squirmy resistance. Until today that is. Today, Bailey finally gave in. I'm sure if I could ask, Shasta is thoroughly pleased with herself and thinks, 'this is the life!'. Uh, I wouldn't ask Bailey what she thinks though. I might have saved Bailey from undo mortification though - I inherited a tank of fish yesterday.

Notice the calculated look on Shasta's face. I love dogs more, but cats are so much smarter.

Yes, it's true - this cat totally loves this dog. Notice the loving paw cradling Bailey's chin.

" Ahhhh," Shasta sighs with a distant look in her eyes, "this is the life."
"Grooooaaan", Bailey murmurs under her breath, "#@*% cat!"


Deborah said...

The dog may eventually come to appreciate the extra warmth.

Michelle said...

There's no way any of my animals would hold their positions long enough for me to capture a photo like that. They hear the turn-on beep of my digital camera and EVERYTHING changes!