Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Great Cat-distraction

I mentioned that I inherited some fish. My brother gave me his tank and remaining 4 fish. I'd been admiring his tank and thinking about getting mine up and running again. They'd been having rotten luck with blue-green algae and dying fish. So I took the fish and put them in my old tank with one decoration and no gravel or anything for now - once their tank is cleaned and set up properly, I'll put them back in. Their tank is a bit bigger than mine and nicer. So I've been cleaning it up and getting it ready. I'm going to do my first planted tank - with live plants. It's a bit different than I've ever done before - plants need C02 and better lighting, but they look so pretty and are healthier environments for fish. Hopefully after church tomorrow I'll be able to get some plants to put in it. (I say hopefully, as the roads are a bit nasty right now - we've had a wintery day of snow and it's humid, making things slippery...). I've been scouring the net for information and all and now I'm ready for some experience. I'm not sure where I'm going to put it is all. At first I was going to put it in my room - to look at as I fall asleep.... I spend so many hours laying awake in bed trying to fall asleep it seems. And then when I do finally fall asleep, it is so hard to wake up! Anyway, that's another story. My temporary tank is on my desk right now by my computer and I'm enjoying it there.... maybe I'll keep the temporary tank going... have two tanks. The cats sure like them. I'm babysitting my step-dad's beta fish right now too. It's a fishy week here! Can beta fish go in bigger tanks? I feel so sorry for them in their tiny little tanks.
Lol, speaking of plants needing CO2, I started thinking what if I gave my house plants some extra CO2? Maybe they'd grow faster and healthier?! So I got online to check it out and stumbled onto this site where it talked about how to grow marijuana plants faster using CO2. And they sold these kits. One of the kits was the shell of an old computer tower - it had a special light and CO2 canister in it and held 2 plants. When it was all closed up, it just looked like a computer. How hilarious. And sneaky!!

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