Sunday, May 11, 2008

Waltzing Matilda

I was given a new calf from the neighbour last week! She's a little heifer, but when I got her she couldn't stand or walk - just sorta get her back end up and balance on her front knees. Well, after a few days of TLC, she is now up and "walking", although I wouldn't call it walking - it's more "tragic waltzing". So, I've named her Matilda. Larry thinks that she has cerebral palsy. I don't know what this means, if she'll make it, or if it would be cruel to keep her yet. Much research to follow. She's healthy in every respect, just her four legs want to go in different directions at once. But she tries so hard! She really does very well and propels herself along quite quickly, much to Bailey the Sheep Dog's dismay! She has been a real source of optimism for me this week. Stay tuned for news and hopefully video on my little Waltzing Matilda.


Evelyn said...

awwwww, how sweet!

Sometimes I feel like I want to go in all directions at once, too! :~)

Theresa said...

She's very cute, I'll have to show the kids - how is she doing now?