Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A morning out with the sheep

Yesterday I took the sheep out to the west end of our stubble field to graze the bit of pasture that is there. The new grass is coming up nicely.
This is my view usually - I walk behind, for the most part. Bailey - my sheep dog, helps out. She and I are still training each other. She's a left handed dog, for sure, loving the left side (come by) over the right (away). She is a huntaway, so she pushes sheep from behind. We really haven't done much training - she has just really learned herself, as I go about doing daily work. There are a few "touch ups" she and I are going to spend this spring perfecting, though. I really really love this dog.

Here's all five dogs - as close together as I could get them. Notice my 2 - staying like good girls! One thing about guard dogs - they don't do commands real well. I've got the pup sitting and sorta staying on command. The big two - well - they were already grown when I came around and they just do their job - no extra frills, lol.

Where ever I sit, Bailey and Sarah are right close by - they'd sit on my lap if I let them! It's nice company though.

The Badgers have been busy out here!!

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Evelyn said...

Which dog is laying right on your leg? She's BEAUTIFUL!

Hope we can chat soon, Heather!