Sunday, May 25, 2008

Matilda Waltzes

Yes, Matilda is up and walking and here is the video to prove it. I tried and tried to get her running, because that's her favourite - she's better at it too, but my batteries died. So this is it for now. This morning I wrapped her back legs in a way that they don't 'wow' out on her so much and hopefully as she develops muscle strength, they'll form the way they're supposed to.

The refugee camp you see in the background are my claiming jugs - I never thought I'd need that many, but never thought it would rain so much for so many days! God is good. We needed it so bad. Actually, I've doubled the number of jugs since this video 2 days ago. If I can just get the lambs out of the wind a bit and with a little protection, they can dry off and get back on their feet again to handle life.

That's Bailey in the background, too - my New Zealand Huntaway sheep dog. Lambing is a bust for her so far. With 240 or so ewes lambing there are just too many treats in the field to eat to bother listening to me!

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Theresa said...

Neat to hear your voice! Matilda looks like she is otherwise healthy and is so cute! I hope she will be a survivor!