Friday, March 4, 2011

It's Not Fair

So I checked the weather report before I went to bed last night and it said we had a chance of flurries and that the amount would be about 1cm. Not too bad. I woke up and we've got 2 inches so far. I roll my eyes. 2 inches isn't so bad. I wasn't even too concerned until I looked at the road reports (see the first picture) - I look at them because there is one close to me and it tells the real time weather and wind speed. It's -17.9 by the way. With a WSW of... I forget already, but it's not too strong. What got me all worked up is that for kicks I decided to check the furthest most Northern road camera (see the second picture) - it's only feet from the Yukon. Now I'm grumpy.

It's not fair.


Cicero Sings said...

You're too funny. We are hovering around 0C but we just came through a real cold stretch of weather. A gray day today

crosscribe said...

That's what you get for checking somewhere further away from home. ;-)

I find myself longing for Fiji . . . (hubby and I spent a wonderful 8 days there in October).