Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Snow days

Winter has slammed us here in Southern Alberta. WIND and snow. And more WIND and SNOW. So, I have taken two snow days so far and stayed home. The cats and dogs are all inside except for small forays with me outside to do chores. I've read and read and watched t.v., talked on the phone, done some internet research on sausage and jerky making, made yummy soup and had a nap. It's been kinda nice.
The tom-cat has overtaken Sarah (my Golden Retriever)'s Stuffy.
Here are book covers of two of the best authors I've read. Check them out at The Rabbit Room
Andrew Peterson and his brother Pete (A.S. Peterson) are fabulous authors and these books shown here are both parts of series each of them has written. Andrew Peterson is also one of my favourite musicians.


Jayne said...

Sounds cozy Heather. Stay warm there in the high north!

DayPhoto said...

What a cute tom. He looks like a Main Coon cat. Is he?


Deborah said...

Wow that looks cold! And to think my kids are complaining of the cold and we are 70 degrees here right now, lol. I need to show them your pictures!