Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Perfect Weekend

I had a perfect weekend. At first, I was going to tell about my perfect day yesterday, but while reflecting I realized that it's really been a perfect weekend. It started Friday night when a friend and I decided to go see, Legend of the Guardians. It's a 3D animation. It was such a good movie. One of those that leave you feeling that all is right with the world when it's over. It's been a while since I've been, 'out on the town', on a Friday night. I was pretty amazed. I'm glad I'm not a parent of teenagers. Oy. It seemed like they were taking over the world Friday night there were so many of them. I'm getting old, I know.
Then Saturday, the same friend and the same me went geocaching for the entire day. We drove east and were really really far from anywhere. Except for beautiful scenery. It was everywhere. At one point, we could see into Saskatchewan, Montana and the plains of Alberta. It was awe-inspiring. It was a lot of driving. We left in the morning, finished our last 2 caches in the dark, putting our day's total to 17 and then headed home. It was a lot of driving. It was so fun. Lots of visiting, laughing, silence, listening to good stories, reading and driving.
As we drove we listened to a couple episodes of The Vinyl Cafe . If you've never heard it, you must take the time to listen to this show. It's a radio show on CBC radio Canada whose host is a storyteller. THE storyteller, Stuart McLean. It's on once a week and I wait with deep expectance each week for it. He is a master of the spoken word. Some weeks I'm laughing so hard I'm worried I'll pee my pants, other weeks I'm crying. You can download the program as a free podcast on Itunes and it'll update for you each week, which is what I do. Or you can go to his website and listen from there. Do it. He's really good.
Every time we go geocaching we talk about how glad we were to go because we've seen something we hadn't seen before, had no idea it even existed, even, but are better people for having seen it. One of those places yesterday was Red Rock Coulee. You're driving a lonely single, narrow hardtop road along the prairie, when you come across this coulee that has all these queer HUGE red round rocks in it. They're breathtaking. It's like a type of Stonehenge. It feels almost sacred. It seems like you're walking on the face of the moon, the landscape is so strange - dried, deeply cracked, silty mud, prairie grasses, and these rocks. I can't believe I didn't take my camera. I got a few photos from the internet, though.

Wasn't it a great weekend? What was your last perfect weekend?


Cicero Sings said...

Hi Heather,

I have a friend Heather so when I saw you making a comment I thought it was her at first ... but she is away at the moment so it momentarily threw me. She lives in a town a little over 2 hours north of me but is currently at the coast, coming home tomorrow.

I too love the Vinyl Cafe. Fun.

I've never geocached but one day I found a treasure by accident. I carefully put it back in place.

Red Rock Coulee looks like a very interesting place. One time my husband and I went to Writing on Stone Provincial Park and really enjoyed that place.

Anyway, thank you for visiting and leaving a kind comment. I especially like the Boston Terrier posts on Julie's blog and follow Chet Baker on Facebook. My dog is Mingus by the way if you follow Chet as well.

My last perfect little mini holiday happened on the last trip my D and I made home from the coast ... just before he died. We just stopped here and there and explored little back niches. So fun and interesting. We had no idea that would be our last "holiday".

Jayne said...

I tried my best to get Sam to want to see that movie with me... now I may just have to take myself! Sounds like you had a wonderful time Heather. I can't remember my last perfect weekend. :c(