Wednesday, September 1, 2010


In the past 2 years I have gotten to know a little Somebody Special. When you combine a Somebody Special with great parents, words just can't describe. We get to hang out every Thursday and it's been a real treasure to watch this baby turn into a toddler and who is on the cusp of being a little girl. This is my niece, Sara Jade. She met me at the door the other night, leaning against this wall with her legs crossed and casually said, "I'm Two. It's my birthday," and gave a proud little smile. Yep. She's Two. And it has been so much fun watching her get there.
Mum had gotten out the cake to serve, but when you're Two you can help yourself!

I've never met such a climber-monkey as this one. One day we found a book at the library called, "Mommy calls me monkey-pants", and we really liked it. So, Auntie made her some monkey-pants. Looks like she can wear them until she's Four!


Jayne said...

Isn't amazing how they can get from an infant to this in only two short years? She's a doll, and I know she is so very loved by her auntie!

Beverly said...

I can tell by the way you write that you really do love her! She is blessed to have YOU as an Auntie in her life!!