Tuesday, September 21, 2010

She's finally here!

My long awaited nanny goat is here. And her two kids. Doe kids. I've been really excited about having her, especially after meeting her three long weeks ago. She is so beautiful and soft. I just came in from a petting session - she's too soft to pet, though, it's more of a caress. Her name is Dash. She had a mate called Dot, I think. But, I like Dash for a name. I hope it's not because she likes to run fast! Her little girls are gorgeous, too. I'm waiting on names for them. That's usually how I go about naming my animals and it serves me well. I'll just wait and usually while I'm with them, something comes to mind that is just right. Here are their pics.
Domino came up close for a check up but wasn't too interested. She talked to him, but because I don't think he thinks he's a goat, he didn't respond. Plus he's wethered, so there's not a big hormonal pull :o)
So far, her temperment is very sweet and gentle. She has carefully touched noses with one of the mamma cats and with my sheep dog and despite being very aware of her kids and where they are, she's not defensive. She's talkative today, but I think she's stressed from leaving her goat mates and coming to a new place.
I wish you could touch her and see how soft she is... Doesn't she have neat markings? When I first met her she was all white. These black stripes are new, starting out as eyebrows, and then traveling down her face like goat markings now. I know it's silly, but I feel like reading Heidi again!
Isn't she a doll? She is the braver of the two kids and looks like an angora goat. We'll see how her fiber is - weather I'll have to shear her like an angora or if she'll shed like her mamma.
This one is a bit more timid. She's so bright. I wish the rain would quit around here so that she will stay clean. I've got barely any straw for winter yet. I've got enough hay for 3 winters, but no straw. A lot of crops haven't been cut yet - it's been so cool that they haven't ripened enough. There's still time yet, but I'm glad I'm not a farmer.


jacobsgate@xplornet.com said...

Lovely! Really miss having goats! They keep you young.

Murr Brewster said...

How about Hyphen and Ellipses? They'd sound like Greek Gods, but what the heck.

Jayne said...


Heather said...

Lol Murr. Yep, those names work.