Monday, September 20, 2010

Salsa Saturday

We've been having rain and cold for a long time. My best friend and I decided since the weather was going to keep us indoors, we ought to break down and make our biannual salsa. It is so good. I snapped a few pics of the process. What is it about fall that makes one want to store-away? The sheep are storing away, too, trying to gain back their baby weight and then some to get through the winter ... I'm a bit worried about winter - the animals are really packing it on and furring and woolling up. New words. I know.
MMMMMmmmm orange peppers - for colour, of course!
Onions from my own garden... yay!
Yes, I know, it's gorgeous.
I have a theory - farmers like to have their rows and rows of nice furrows and their perfectly stacked hay to see in the winter - it's the same hormone that causes women to swoon over rows of processed goodies "popping" as they seal... What do you think?


Jayne said...

That's quite a bounty there Heather! Yummy!

Beverly said...

Heather - you are so multi-talented! You could be one of those "food photographers" - you make everything look soooooo appetizing! I bet your salsa is awesome - what kind of hot peppers do you use for spice? I like jalepeno peppers myself! :) Enjoy the fruits of your labor!