Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Favourite Flower

So, it is with a bit of trepidation that I confess that my favourite flower is really a Dandelion. Really. Really really. They are so perfect. I could write acres of prose about how great they are, but I did this search on the web and there is already acres of prose written about them! How wonderful! For all you naysayers who poison, murder and rip apart my sunny little friend, well...this is family friendly blogging after all. For the sake of the millions of fallen little yellow globes, read on.
A weed is just a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Come walk with me along this willowed lane,
Where, like lost coinage from some miser's store,
The golden dandelions more and more
Glow, as the warm sun kisses them again!
For this is May! who with a daisy chain
Leads on the laughing Hours; for now is o'er
Long winter's trance. No longer rise and roar
His forest-wrenching blasts. The hopeful swain,
Along the furrow, sings behind his team;
Loud pipes the redbreast - troubadour of spring,
And vocal all the morning copses ring;
More blue the skies in lucent lakelets gleam;
And the glad earth, caressed by murmuring showers,
Wakes like a bride, to deck herself with flowers!

Henry Sylvester Cornwell [1831-1886]

Source: "The Home Book of Verse," by Burton Stevenson


Deborah said...

They really are an amazing flower and it is a shame that so many people try to eradicate them.

Evelyn said...

I'm so glad you posted this, Heather! It reminded me of my all-time FAVORITE picture of my son.
He is 3 years old in the picture, and he has some white dandelions in his hand, getting ready to blow the seeds into the air. So sweet and innocent........ and that picture is 20 years old now!

Kara said...

of course you love dandelions! It is so you!

How are you my friend, we should chat sometime! Do you have skype?