Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random photos

Here are a few random photos from a couple days ago...
When I sit down outside, Domino comes and rubs his horn against my back. If only he'd do it softly, it would be so nice. Instead it's like he's trying to gouge out my kidneys. I looked down and found an old squished tennis ball, so I stuck it on his horn to give him something to think about for a few minutes and leave me in peace!

"Please, Sara, will you take off this thing? Here I'll bring it closer to you...."
Domino jumping on the roof of the kids' play fort. He loves the sound of his hooves on the wood. See how his hackles are up - like a horse mane- he's thinking he's pretty awesome.

My two Shetlands and their lambs, plus a few extra.

Isn't she interesting? My Holstein lamb, I call her.


rachelpr said...

They all look as though Mommy had just given them a bath.

Jayne said...

How funny Heather! God love him, he's trying...lol!

Love your little Holstein!

Deborah said...

What cute photos, lol. Why don't you remove the horns on the sheep?

Heather said...

He came to me from a farm near by - wounded and beat up from some darn cows and he already had his horns. He's actually got three - but only one grows real well. He's about 5 years old and he loves his horn so much, I don't have the heart to take it off. My sheep, save one are all polled.