Friday, March 19, 2010

A Good Day to be a Sheep

After a cold night and a snowy morning, the sun came out and melted the snow and I let all the mammas out with their babies into the sunshine. Today was Barbara's first day out with her triplets. They're looking great! I'm bottle feeding the two ewe lambs - the two all white ones.

Here's last years ram lamb I kept over. He's getting some nice horns that look like they're curling just beautifully.

Here's Mordecai and his first hair cut ever. I got him from a place where he'd been neglected - never shorn, not always fed and/or watered. He's doing pretty well here. He looks a bit crazy and horse-like with his mane, though. He is SO much smaller than I thought he'd be. All that fibre on him made him look bigger.

Here's Cheryl and her two soaking up the rays.

Shasta the cat came by for a rub on the ewe, but she was surprised seconds later when she got a good bunt! This is my first yearling to lamb this year - she lambed yesterday afternoon. A nice big ram lamb. She was a little too engorged with milk for the little guy to suck, and he was a bit traumatized from the cold weather, so they spent the night in the barn. I had to catch her and milk her out - oy! Yearlings are so cagey. But once she was in the pen with her little guy, she calmed down and let me milk her no problem.
Domino - being black is a good thing in the cooler spring - the sun just soaks right in.

Bess and her huge ewe lamb. She's one of my best mammas. She's always super-alert looking for danger. The dogs have all been bunted a good time or two from her. I had to pull this little lamb and thought maybe I'd left it too long, but she revived and is now a strong healthy lamb.


Jayne said...

I love this little look into a life that is so very different from mine Heather. It's obvious you are such a good mom to your flock. :c)

Deborah said...

Wow. The little lambs are all so cute!