Monday, March 22, 2010

Orphan Annie

Meet the newest addition to my household: Orphan Annie. I was under the misguided impression that I didn't need to tag my ewes, because with only 25 I should be able to keep track of them all and their babies, right? Well, no. Poor Annie was out in the rotten-awful wind this afternoon and no one would claim her. No one. But me. I tried and tried to find her mamma. Froze my butt off, froze Annies' tail off... (well, no not really). Finally Annie, hypothermic as she was came inside to warm up. She had a sweet snuggle with my friend. I resist as much as possible having just one orphan lamb. They are a nuisance. Adorable nuisance, but still. Two is so much better.

Awww. She is going to kill me for posting this photo, but since she never checks my blog, oh well! The point was to see the cuteness of a snuggly lamb.

Annie one day later:
Before you roll your eyes and think I'm a complete idiot, there is a reason for this decked out babe. The jacket she is wearing is made of polar fleece - to keep her warm. She is so tiny and I think she was a wee bit early. The head band is because of a nasty cut on her head that goes to the scalp - it needs a bit of pressure to keep the skin together. It makes her look like a bicycle-mamma. To bad I didn't have a bike. I totally don't know how she got it or when. Sometime between last night and this afternoon. It's pretty bad, poor thing. Normally I'd just use some crazy glue, but I'm all out - I used the last on myself. It's awesome stuff, folks. No more running in for stitches! I considered duct tape, but I wanted to be able to treat the wound if necessary, and duct tape would just re-open it.


Deborah said...

Cute little lamb. You are a riot with the crazy glue. I want to be so brave.

Jayne said...

Mercies, any more cuteness Heather, and I couldn't stand it! :c)

Lynn Stromwall said...

Welcome to the world Annie! I'd say you got the best Mom. No orphan, no more..

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh....that last photo totally melted my heart. I can hardly stand the cuteness!