Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Busy Play Day

On Saturday I was blessed by the arrival of my dad, brother and my 5yr old niece, Jesse and my nephew, Brenden (12). Dad and Mike got busy in the barn and did some reno's to make it sheep ready - for shearing and for lambing. Both are coming up real soon. When it was time to go, the kids stayed for a while to play. Jesse and I are crafting buddies once a week and so, we naturally just got busy and did some crafts. We decorated a clay plant pot with broken bits of CD's - it looks like a broken mirror, just not quite so sharp edges :o). We made some cinnamon buns and painted some pictures and played with my Cricut Expressions machine. Meanwhile, Brenden played on the computer for a little while and then he went outside to give Domino (the goat) an apple for a treat. Next thing I knew he was over by the straw bales building a structure of some sort. It didn't take long before Jesse and I were outside joining him. I wanted to get more pictures - especially of his architectural prowess and of Brenden himself, but my camera's batteries died. :o( I did manage to get a few photos, first.
Jesse on top of the 'amusement' ride - on the back side was a guide to measure kids to see if they were tall enough :o). Then to the right is an old door that the kids slid down - in a rubbermaid bin for Brenden! The landed on a soft open bale - which Sarah had decided was her special place to chew on her stuffie. Pretty soon, Brenden had the goat and one of the dogs tied together with a long rope and we tried pulling Jesse on a sled - it worked okay, but the goat got loose. So we harnessed up Sarah to the contraption. And then their mom came to pick them up. Awwwww. Hehe, it was a super-fun play day.
GOOP!!! The best thing. Just corn starch and water. It is SO fun and intersesting. It looks wet and messy, but it actually feels dry and it cleans up SO easy.
Jesse's semi-worried expression because she was.....
STUCK! Hehe, just temporarily.


Jayne said...

Fun, fun day! Hey, I want to play in some GOOP! ;c)

Beverly said...

It sounds like you had a super day. What a GREAT Aunt you are!! The kids must just love coming to Auntie Heather's house! Things haven't changed much ... you were always FUN to be around! :) Hope you have a great day!

Deborah said...

How fun, but I just can't get over all the snow in your pictures. I'm shivering and dreading going out today because it is only 58 degrees. I don't know how you do it.