Monday, January 4, 2010

What Do You Do At 3am When You're Wide Awake?

So, the nap I had this afternoon wasn't such a good idea. But it felt so good. It's not fair that I am a night owl when the rest of the world seems to be early birds. My entire family. It can be embarrassing. And difficult.

I get the best ideas at night. Never fail, I'll be drifting off and, WHAM! A craft idea, a gardening idea, an idea with regards to the sheep, a story idea, a life change plan. I'll lie awake all excited about the implementation of this plan. I'll get up, write it down, go to bed.... and morning comes and I'm too tired.

My brother gets up EARLY. My dad gets up EARLY. My sheep have learned that they don't get to see me until 9. I wake up promising myself, if you get up now you can have a nap later. I don't usually get the nap, but it's motivation for me to get out of bed :o).

I sleep better in the day, too. My dogs get me up each morning at 7:24 lately. My alarm is set for 8:30. An extra hour doesn't cut it. An hour and a half, though - that's the best. From 7:26 to 9:-00 is my best sleep. Or if I'm lucky enough for a nap, it has to be a 2 hour nap. And I sleep SO GOOD.

Is there anyone out there at all like me? What do you do at 3am when you KNOW you have to get up early?

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