Monday, January 4, 2010

What Are You Reading Right Now?

There are books I read for distraction, for entertainment value only. Then there are the wonderful books that I read that heighten my focus on what is really important in life. At Home in Mitford is one of these books. I think there are like 9 in the series, and each is a treasure. Here's a bit that I read this afternoon, He was considering what J. Hudson Talylor, the English missionary to China, had said, in reflecting on the verse from Matthew: "Where could we get enough bread in the wilderness to fill such a great multitude?" "What God has given us," Taylor had written, "is all we need; we require nothing more. It is not a question of large supplies - it is a question of the presence of the Lord" That was a sermon that was almost unpreachable in today's world. Why take off along that narrow and difficult path, when wide boulevards were generally more inviting to a congregation?
If you've never read the Mitford series, I highly recommend it. Highly. I just started re-reading it and am lost in the wonderful lives of the characters of Mitford. They are so real. And hilarious. Totally endearing and magnetic. When I'm reading this series, it's like breathing fresh spring air. I read with a little smile on my face, totally loving every word. Sometimes, to Bailey's snoring dismay, I totally laugh out loud. Other times, I'm re-using soggy kleenex because I don't want to quit reading to go get a fresh one. I should read by the box.

I don't usually re-read books. Or re-watch movies. There are maybe a handful of books I re-read. The Mitford books are one of them. What books are your favourite that you like to re-read?


Jayne said...

I LOVED the Mitford books too Heather and would definitely consider re-reading them! I read them in the mid to late 90's? Such wonderful books.

I am not a re-read sort of girl, but have found myself in the entire series of the Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon. I know you love her too. Hers are the first books I've ever read again, simply because they are chocked so full of details that you need to remember in order to enjoy the next one! Now that An Echo in the Bone is out finally, I knew I'd better reacquaint myself and am having a wonderful time escaping to Jamie and Claire's world!

Lynn Stromwall said...

The Mitford Series is divinely inspired! I have experienced God so personally as if he were speaing only to me. I too have reread the series twice!!Her first book in the Father Tim series Home to Holly Springs was a winner too. I can't wait for her next book in that sereies!

I met Jan Karon last year at a book signing. She is a sweet spirit and very committed to her mission. She spends alot of time crafting each book. She asked for prayer for herself and her writing.