Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. I was sitting here thinking about the First Christmas. I tried to imagine being in a strange town, young, barely married, tired and weary and probably sore from being SO pregnant and traveling - on a donkey, no less. And then, whooooosh, my water breaks. I wouldn't be saying, "Joseph, honey, call the hospital and tell them we're on our way...." I imagine that when Mary told Joseph that she'd gone into labour, his pants got nearly as wet as her dress. His robe? What would it be like to be Joseph and having your wife in labour, and no place to take her. I imagine, normally, a young pregnant bride would be at home surrounded by her mother and sisters.... not so for these two. A stable. Barn. I know the state of my barn. Not entirely sterile. Or comfortable. No sitz-bath or music or even lovely table with stirrups. And then, in the back of their minds were they thinking, 'um this is God's baby we're having here....on the floor of a barn...' And if the innkeeper's animals were anything like mine, they'd be in Mary and Joseph's faces hoping for a bit of grain.... Not the romantic picture sometimes portrayed, eh? My Christmas night has sure been a lot more comfortable.


Jayne said...

Indeed, it makes you appreciate the miracle even more...Merry Christmas Heather!

Deborah said...

I would certainly have taken a special couple to survive that.