Monday, February 9, 2009

What's a girl to wear....

So, here's a story about yours truly that you might find amusing. My family did. It starts waaay back in early fall when I went to have a sleepover at my brother's house. He has 4 kids, whom I love more than life itself. Jesse, the 4 year old is a bit of a corker. So much so, one could do a blog just of her and have a cult following. For real. Hmmmm. Anyway, I don't know who gets more excited when Auntie Heather goes for a visit - the kids, or Auntie Heather. This particular weekend, I was to come home on Sunday and we were all going to be leaving their house at the same time - me to go home, and they to go to church. (My English teacher probably just rolled over in her her grave. Sorry Mrs. Cote!). Well, the kids and I were sitting on the couch bemoaning the fact that our weekend together was at an end when the comment came about, "why don't you come to church with us, Auntie?" "Well," says I, "I didn't bring any church clothes". Jesse looked down at my standard apparel - carpenter jeans and sweatshirt - jumped up, ran into her parents' bedroom, where they were getting dressed for church, and yelled, "Mum! Can jeans go to church?!!!" My family goes to a great church, it's only down side for this VERY casual dresser is that it is definitely a dress-up affair. So, I promised that when I came to stay for Christmas, I'd bring my one and only skirt and I'd go with them. So I did (had to dust it off, it'd been 2 years since I'd worn it!). At one point Christmas morning, we all went to our rooms and gussied up. As painful as it was, I put on my skirt. As I was putting it on, I realized, I didn't bring any nylons or anything. I don't own any, actually. And any other time I've worn this skirt, I"ve worn it in the summer when I could go bare-legged. Well, so, no nylons. I had a pair of socks that would do. (I know, many of you are groaning, but just you wait, it gets much better). So, I put on my socks and as I was doing so I remembered. I forgot shoes. Yep, my foot wear for the fall and winter is primarily my big ol' cut-off, winter-lined gum boots. Not even nice ladie's ones - nope, men's boots. You'll see how lovely they are in the pics below. I groaned. Well, I have VERY wide feet and borrowing shoes from my sister in law was not an option, even though we tried her very widest pregnancy pair. What's a girl to do? Wear your brother's slippers, that's what! So, I did. Oh, another humorous bit - because I'd been wearing gum boots for 2 months all ready, I had a lovely red chap-line around my calves. Two inches below where my skirt ended. And no nylons. Well, my family stood tall and bravely took their country bumpkin Auntie to church. And we all survived. And my feet were the warmest, most comfiest in the building, I just know it.
So, ever wonder what a fancy canuck shepherdess wears in the winter? Here goes,

Home-made over-alls made of wool on the outside and a puppy and sheep flannel on the inside. These are one of my greatest inventions. I even made up the pattern myself. And under the over- alls?

A fleece hoodie. I love this one for it's hood. It comes up and covers my neck and I can tuck in my chin if I need. I got frost bite on my chin a couple years ago and it's been sensitive ever since.

And under the fleece hoodie?My thick, waffle-weave Carhartt long-sleeve t-shirt. I'm not usually a label freak, but I usually really like Carhartt products - they're built well. And under this?

A wool long-sleeve t-shirt. I have a couple. They are so thin and just the absolute best. Nothing is warmer. Lets see, what else - oh, the legs...Hehe, these are my long-johns. Women's long-johns generally are pathetic, but I found these on a sale rack after christmas and they are thick and great. They even have a bow to remind me they are womens!!! Hehe. On my feet are wool socks (usually) and my afore mentioned gum-boots. Taaadaaaaa.....Inside my boots are locker-hooked woolly soles that I did up. They are one of my better inventions, too. It's like a hug for your feet. Walking on a cloud. They're about an inch and a half thick, 100% wool. They felt down to about 3/4". And then on the outside of my boots are my YakTraks. Now there is a good invention. Not mine, hehe, though. They're a rubber overshoe-like thing that you can pull on to any pair of footwear so you don't slip on the ice. And, take it from someone who has THOROUGHLY tried them out - they work. The only dangerous part about them is if you forget to wear them after wearing them for a while. Expect to kiss the ground with your bum. For real. Again, take it from someone who has tried this out. And then there are the gloves, toques (winter hats for my american friends), face warmers, etc...I have a huge selection and they sit in a bin by my door and I just grab whatever I need for that day. I am never without a cap on my head. If it is windy or extra cold, I also put on a toque, and also my hood from the hoodie. For gloves, I prefer my leather ones, front and center, but they only have skimpy insulation, so I'm often having to wear some sort of synthetic ones. My best wool gloves bit the dust this fall and I haven't found a good pair since. I'm not a talented enough or prolific enough knitter to make my own, yet. I'm still spinning wool to make myself a hat! I'm crazy about hats. That's a post for another day. Well, I think that's it. My winter wardrobe. When I come inside, I usually shed down to the long-johns and wool undershirt. Or back into my pajama pants :o). Jeans in the winter really suck. That's my profound, grown-up comment of the day. Bye for now!

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Deborah said...

I just can't imagine wearing so many clothes. How do you move?

Pam said...

I so understand where you are coming from but happily I think you are worse than myself. This is too funny for words and lightens my heart. Sigh! I am not the only one with this problem of clothes and shoes disappearing over the years. As my girls have taken over the responsibilities of looking after their own clothes, my husband too has had to adjust to my change of focus in life. He has learned to keep stopping at Winners (bargain store)to buy new shirts as his shirts never seem to return from the laundry room along with his socks. Underwear...well, we won't talk about that! I once wore makeup but as it has long disappeared, and has never been replaced except for an ODD tube of lipstick. I don't suppose you are into makeup?
Cheers, Pam

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the chuckle, Heather! I can SO relate to the mountain of clothes in winter, alhtough it isn't as cold here as there. As for moving, it can be difficult especially so if you have to climb anything (i.e. barn loft ladder). My trouble is once I get moving around, then I get hot and have to shed clothes almost immediately (thank you hormones). It was about 30 degrees here the other morning (warm up, I know) and by the time I was finished feeding critters, I was down to my short-sleeved tshirt and jeans! Glad you survived the dress up Sunday - what???? No pictures????? :) - Cheryl

Jayne said...

Ahhhh.... pure freedom Heather!! I am sure you looked just dashing!

NCmountainwoman said...

I loved this post. After years of wearing the executive power suits and heels, I vowed to be comfortable in retirement.

L.L. Bean is as dressed up as I plan to get.