Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bathing Sparrows and Dancing Goats

I've been under the weather for a week now - ranging from good and sick, to just 'sorta blah and without energy'. Today was one of those days. I'm tired of sleeping :o), but don't have a lot of energy for much else. These days can lead to a melancholic shift that serves no good purpose. I bordered the shift for a while this afternoon, but at one point I got up, looked out my kitchen window and there were about 15 sparrows all dust bathing with enthusiasm. It brought a smile. I really love birds.
From there I went to the back room and looked out the big window to my little group of misfits and there was Domino, our new goat, dancing. Just because. Another smile. He is such a neat character. We got him from the neighbour, who had 'outgrown' him and since we had sheep, well it's obvious we could use a goat, right? I was skeptical, but he is a real sweetie. He likes to play. He likes to be scratched along the jaw and he's gentle with the little orphan lambs. He's won a spot, I think.

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Pam said...

Sorry you have been sick Heather! What fun your pictures were! I sold my last Angora goat several months ago. There are times I miss the many entertaining moments she provided but my barn is much quieter and more peaceful....not to mention less wear and tear on the gates and fences. Fifi was her name and I am sure each night the sheep are saying in their prayers, "Thank you God, that Fifi is no longer here to tease us."
Praying that you feel better. Pam

Deborah said...

I'm sorry you are still sick. I love all your sheep and now goat pictures. Those animals are little darlings. And I would love to visit you with the kids one day. You would have to do something about all that cold and that white stuff on the ground first I think. LOL, I'm a wimp when it comes to really cold temperatures.

Cheryl said...

Neat pics, Heather! Jumping for joy and just because - I love it! :) Get to feeling better, OK?!?! Cheryl

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

What a happy, beautiful goat! Of course, the Shetlands are beautiful, too. :-) Keep looking out - and up!

kristi said...

I was reading back about the lambs....I am so glad to hear they are doing well! I love the goat pics...what type of goat is that? I am a religious bird feeder and so enjoy watching them at the feeders in the winter:)