Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Morning Chores

I went out to do morning chores yesterday with my camera, hoping to get pics of Sarah bouncing her "Tigger" bounce, but for the first time in I don't know how long, she didn't bounce! In fact, she was still sleeping when I opened the door. The neighbour fed all the dogs a cut up deer that he and a friend had shot the other day when they found it with a broken leg from being hit by a car. So, I think she was just too full to bounce. In fact they haven't eaten their regular dog food for days because of this deer.
So, I just took a bunch of pictures of what I do in a morning. Here are a few ( I took like 80!) . There isn't too much to do, now that we don't need to bucket feed our feeder lambs - they're on self feeders now. First, I let out the ewes to go graze out in the winter pasture(s).
It's a bit dark still, but I liked this pic with the Sweet Grass Hills in the background. Hehe, for those of us lucky enough to live within driving distance of the Rocky Mountains, these formations here are just hills :o).Linda is saying, "goodmorning" to the sheep :o)

Here they go... slowly but surely...Through the gate, down the hill, up the hill....they actually have a quite predictable grazing pattern each day.With the girls gone, it's time to feed the Ram-boys. Hehe, see the chicken in the loose hay? Peek a boo!! We don't have carnivorous rams, just cold footed chickens, I guess. That's one of the chicks that hatched this summer that I blogged about, remember?Here are some of the boys. I've got a new Hampshire ram - our first 'black' face ram. I've named him Obama. Here's some of the boys lined up. Nice view, hehe.
Then it's time to water the boys and the feeder rams that are in the next pen over.After that it's off to the chicken coop, but I'll save that for tomorrow. 'Till then!

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Theresa said...

I love the last picture peeking through the gate.