Friday, November 28, 2008

My Beautiful Sarah Jane

There is no dog like a Golden Retriever. My Sarah is my buddy. In the morning she greets me bouncing in front of me with such enthusiasm that it's impossible to pet her, other than to pat her on the head as it bounces up in the air- level with your hand. Pictures of that to come. She is definitely a morning dog. She loves doing morning chores. Come to thing of it, she loves doing any chores. Once morning chores are finished, she settles down, often finding a stuffy to pack and suck on. Or to nap in the sun. Or to wait by a pipe or a hole in hopes that a gopher or a cotton tail bunny might pop out. She doesn't understand hybernation, she just knows, that once a long time ago, a gopher or a bunny popped out of one them pipes and one might just do it again. It might happen. Sometimes she'll come in the house to see if there might be any crumbs left on the floor. Mostly, though, she's an outside dog. By her choice.

She loves to be out and at the ready for anyone that might come by and do some chores with her. She doesn't like being hot, so only sleeps inside when it is really cold out and then she sleeps on the floor. Again, by her choice - I'm a sucker and let the dogs sleep on the bed with me if they want. That's my Sarah. I'll try and get some more pics of her - sucking on stuffies and bouncing for chores in the morning. I'm still learning how to get my pictures from my new camera onto my computer. It's not as easy, yet, as my old one was.

Sarah waiting by a pipe for something to pop out.


Jayne said...

She's beautiful Heather. :c)

Annie Wicking said...

What wonderful pictures
She looks beautiful

Best wishes,