Monday, August 11, 2008

Oh, a good nap...

So, I am self-appointed, 'Queen of the Nap'. I thought. But then I started paying attention to the animals. They know how to nap! What started this whole train of thought was, me dragging myself out of bed one morning to the mantra, 'I can get up early, I can do this, I'll just have a nap later". Well, later, I went to lay down on the bed, but Bailey was on it (the sheep dog) and I didn't feel like sleeping with her - when she pants, the whole bed bounces. So, I went to the couch and found Joy - curled up against my pillow that I'd left there from my nap the day before.
So, I thought, if you can't beat 'em, you'd might as well join 'em. (I know, original. I learned it from Yosemite Sam - remember him? I love Yosemite).

This weekend I came home from Sheep Camp and my friend Michele was there with her little angel of a granddaughter, Hayden. Now, she knows how to nap! She is such a happy contented little thing, she just lays down, stretches out and falls asleep. It's so fun to watch someone fall asleep. I joined Hayden for a nap the next day, but didn't really sleep because I had too much fun watching her sleep.

This swimming pool belonged to Sarah, my Golden Retriever, but it has a hole in it and has just been collecting old feed bags for a year. Well, I cleaned it out the other day and Clarence promptly claimed it for his new napping spot. Oh it's a tough life here!

Now Bailey is my true Napping Queen, but I took my pictures of her napping and put them on a couple of 12x12 scrapbooking pages. They don't fit on my scanner. Oh well, there will be more, I'm sure. Plus, I'm pretty sure I blogged a pic of her sleeping already.


Evelyn said...

Awww, I just LOVE the napping pictures! Just please NEVER take a picture of ME when I'm asleep..... I can just imagine! LOL!

BTW, if you head over to PP website, I've figured out how to post a picture of myself there (alas, still don't know how to do it on blogs!).

Kara said...

this comment is for joy.... hi sweet kitty... I miss you!