Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Who can resist those eyes?

Here is one of my sweet orphans. It's funny, they all have different personalities. This one is "sweet". And has like black edging around his eyes that make them so beautiful. The past couple of days have been a bit relaxing as we are waiting for a couple of pastures to ripen a bit - I made the mistake of turning the flock onto too lush of pasture that had a bit of alfalfa in it and lost 2 ewes and a lamb to bloat. This year's rain has been so good for the pasture, but just a little rich for these dry-land ewes just now. Perhaps next week. So, poor girls, are eating in a pasture they're not real fond of right now, and I've got a bit of extra time on my hands now that lambing is pretty much done and the orphans are mostly weaned. I'm reading Penelope Wilcock's book, The Hawk and the Dove - for about the 5th time and loving it. As I read, or spin yarn with my wheel, the orphans wander around coming up for pets or to chew on whatever I've got in my hand. They can be real pests, but lovely company. I sadly had to put one down yesterday - I've been putting it off, but it was suffering and unable to walk at all and getting worse. My least favourite job as a shepherd. But truly, it was mercy. Gave me some insights of our Good Shepherd and us suffering... I'll share on that at another time I think. But, more than ever, I really believe He doesn't cause us to suffer, but suffers along with us when we do and it hurts Him just as much. Well, that's what's going on in my life just now. We've got some rain today which is so nice, as it was 35C yesterday - oy! I got a bit of house-cleaning done, oh did it need doing!! I'm a good shepherd, not a good house-keeper. I can find a million and one other priorities to do before I clean my house. That's why I like my little Sheep Camp Trailer - I can clean it in less than 10 minutes!


Evelyn said...

What a sweet lamb! And, I look forward to your next post about our Good Shepherd. (((( hugs ))))

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

What a profound sentiment, Heather! About our Lord....and by the way, I don't have as many sheep to care for as you do, but I can sure relate to being a better shepherd than housekeeper - LOL!

Glad you have some green grass rather than drought this year!

Kara said...

no comment about the good housekeeping... wink wink.
You should try having a little girl who messes the house faster than you can clean it!

Theresa said...

He does look sweet! I just came by to see how you are doing. I have been thinking about you and hoping things are going well!