Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The View at Camp

This past week has given some really pretty scenic views from camp. I wish the camera could capture what the eye could, but here is what I did capture:
I got this one yesterday afternoon. It is so green here! Usually we are a khaki brown :o). In the distance you can see the patch-work fields. I love that look. The camera didn't really get them, though.

This is what it looks like when I look east towards home. Nice, eh? Again, more green!!

After a few days of driving wind and cold rain that killed a few lambs, I realized I'd been so busy trying to manage the crisis that I hadn't spent time talking with God. Within less than a minute after I began, I looked up and this is what I saw. His wonderful Promise. How cool.

Last night was the night before the full moon and it was quite bright out and the sheep were coming into camp for the night. It was one of those 'romantic' nights for a shepherd. I'd been spinning some yarn (the first time since April!) in the shade with the dogs laying close by and the orphans playing all around. I was just starting to think, 'Oh, I should get up and go see about the sheep', but not really wanting to leave what I was doing - it was so relaxing. I got up and they were coming in on their own, bless their woolly hearts!!

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Evelyn said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS, Heather! Especially the rainbow. What a gift!

Did you hear about the rainbow after Tim Russert's funeral? Tim Russert was not shy about talking about his faith. Then, while the music "somewhere over the rainbow" was playing as people left...... they walked outside and saw a HUGE, fill-up-the-whole-sky, double rainbow!

Rainbows are indeed a wonderful reminder of God's promises to us.