Monday, June 16, 2008

Here's a Cutie

Isn't she interesting?! I sure did a double take when she came out. Normally I don't have any colour in my lambs - we use white rams and have white mammas (except one brown one I bought). This year I bought 110 white PolyPay ewes from a fellow close by and I got four lambs that had a bit of colour - this one, one with a patch on the shoulder, one with a tiny black spot on the back of the leg and one with a black sock. It's a treat, really, after all these "Big Whites" as some folks who raise the little colourful Shetlands call them :o). PolyPays can throw colour - they have 4 breeds in them; Ramboullet (sp?), Targhee, Finn, and Dorset. I like that they don't get too big, although a few will show more Ramboullet and get big enough! I use 2 Meat Merino Rams and 2 Rams that are Ramboullet, Meat Merino and Spanish Merino cross. I'm trying to get out of the straight PolyPay and get more Merino. The Meat Merino is great for market lambs and for wool - it is very dense with a nice crimp. Most importantly for us is flocking ability. When you have a bunch of sheep and a bunch of space, you (I do) want them to stay together! I've got a few 'independent' sheep that have a big "C" by their name in the barn book. They will be "C"ulls - I hate chasing down a few that won't stay with the flock. Lambing is about done for the year. I think I've got less than 20 ewes left. Thankfully due to the rain, we will have enough pasture this year, so it will be just moving them around until September. Hopefully building some fences. Then to market! Market prices are wonderful lately and wool prices don't even pay for the shearing, sadly. Anyway, probably more info than you wanted, lol.


Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Hi Heather! I hadn't visited the blog in awhile and you have some great posts up since my last visit ;) Have you ever thought of writing a book? Your photos and your insights and your obvious joy and appreciation of the Lord are such a blessing!

I would buy it if you did ;)

Hugs, Cary from the CA list

Evelyn said...

That IS a cutie! :~)