Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ferocious Guard Dogs

Yep, here are our two ferocious guard dogs. Linda is the pic above, and Clarence is below. Yes, Clarence is his real name, although Larry calls them dumb and dumber. They are Great Pyrenees and they've become pets. Actually, they are the sweetest, snuggliest, lovingliest dogs I've met. As I walk, they'll come on either side and lean against me. Clarence is huge. His head comes up just under my arm pit. When you're walking on icy ground, it's great having them on each side to keep you up! I've been trying to get pictures of them along side something so you can see their size, but it hasn't worked out yet. Each time I point the camera at Clarence, he things I"m going to shoot him or something and he runs away.
Although, they don't stay with the sheep, they do patrol the farm pretty well and really have done a good job at keeping the coyotes at bay. Last year we lost one ewe to a coyote while these two were at home sleeping off their night of patrolling. They are rather scary though, when they are chasing a coyote or a badger. Last year the two of them tag team mangled a badger and just came out of the situation with a few cuts . Their thick thick fur and thick necks keep them safe.
I just bought another guard dog pup on Sunday and he will be staying with the sheep. I'll post pics of him later. There are two more dogs on the place, and their pics will be up later too.


Theresa said...

Your dogs are beautiful. Do you spin their undercoat?

Heather said...

I have a couple times. I even spun some yarn that was 100% from them, which was neat. I always wonder, if I'm wearing something with dog hair in it, will I be sending strange signals to the dogs, and perhaps get attacked by a strange dog??