Friday, March 7, 2008

And Here's Jake!

And here is my new guard dog! Looks pretty ferocious, doesn't he? Actually, he is quite aggressive towards the other dogs. He's all of two months old, but he growls and barks at them on the other side of the fence. I brought in my Golden Retreiver to introduce them, and he took into her like nobody's business! He likes being with the sheep most of all. I put him in the pen with the ewes and their new babies so they could all bond in a closed environment. Everybody loved him at first, but now a few days later, the mammas are pretty protective. He can get away from them if he needs to, which is good. And if he gets too playful with the lambs, they run to their mamma's and then mamma takes care of business! So far I think it is working out good. I just need him not to try to kill the other dogs on the place! I brought Sarah back in (the Golden) the next day and he was gentler on her. She's such a sweet, wussy dog, my Sarah. I guess I'll just slowly introduce each dog. However, I'm not sure how to introduce Clarence and Linda yet. They will probably just fight back and who knows what will happen. Perhaps I'll do it on either side of the mesh panel at first :o).


Theresa said...

Cute...and what type of dog is he? And what kind of sheep do you have?

Evelyn said...

Wow, what a puppy!

And, what a gifted writer you are. :)

Heather said...

Theresa, he is a Great Pyrenese/Maremma cross.
The majority of my ewes are Polypay, and I have 2 SouthAfricanMerino Rams and 2 FrenchMerino/Rambouillet cross rams. I'm working towards a ewe flock of Polypay/Merino crosses. Their wool is absolutely beautiful - fine and dense with incredible elasticity.