Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow Day!

So what does a Snow Day look like around here? Can you say 10 foot drifts? No getting out of the yard? Ahhhh a day to play inside. Today I learned to felt batts, now I just need a really big area and screens to make batts for quilts for Chris! I made a ball of yarn :o). And I learned about Mesopotamia and Egypt on a DVD borrowed from Larry. I got up early, looked outside and went back to bed! The chickens are 'cooped' up and wondering where they can walk outside, one with a frost bit foot is in my porch in my muck bucket with some raw wool trying to warm up (she loves it, it's her 2nd time in. I let her out to eat and drink and when she's done, she hops back in!). The sheep have made paths to go out to eat and they each have 8 pounds of wool on them waiting for shearing next month, plus 2 pounds of snow on top of that. Ahhhh February.

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