Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So, It's February and we definitely have one ewe that was bred by Pistol Pete when he busted through the ram pen last September. It was on the 25, so we should have lambs perhaps on the 21. I wrote down the numbers of the 5 ewes that were hanging out at the ram pen, thinking they were probably cycling (we have very fit sheep!). They are: 15red, 51red, 24(can't remember the colour), another one who had her tag stuck inside her ear - a rectangle tag, and our #10 yearling. The lovely thing is, the one ewe who is bagged up and looking close is not one of those five! Her number is blue5(or3,couldn't see clearly). Regardless, she'll be giving us lambs soon! I pray it's during a warm spell. We've had some weather misery lately. They measured wind chill a couple weeks ago at -60F. Oy. And we've got AMAZING drifts. Today the weather is warm, but it's a snow day - I didn't even make it to work. There are waist high drifts to drive through. The John Deer made it, though, and I'm getting rather prideful at my skillful feedtruck driving! I'm getting great at parallel parking between drifts, then gunning it backwards to grab a bale!

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