Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lamb Explosion

Sun bathing

Brand new baby born 20 min. ago!!

Well, I've had a lamb explosion this week. Or, as Larry would say, I'm 'in the business'. It's Saturday, and 4 of the 5 that I thought would lamb have lambed (one is in the process as I type), PLUS 4 more that I didn't even know were ready have lambed. Pistol Pete was a busy boy. So, there have been 8 ewes give birth to 14 lambs (and perhaps one more when I go out to check in 15 minutes) in 6 days. I am so incredibly grateful that we have had a spring-like weather week. Even still, I've had to use the heat lamp on a few of them and have Pokey in the house 3 nights. Further evidence that Spring lambing is the best. Not only do you have the warmer weather, you have grass for the mamma's to eat, none of this putting them in the barn, hauling hay for the mammas, buckets of water to each pen, and putting heat lamps on the cold weak babies. I do not understand why people lamb in the winter!!

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