Thursday, February 28, 2008

I've got Soul

Here is a little something I did yesterday with some of my wool. The idea came when I went to my friends' on Saturday to show them how to do Australian locker hooking. When I pulled up, Levi was walking towards my truck pulling a sled through the mud and water and wearing gum boots. I thought to myself, "if it melts much more, I'll have to pull out my gum boots". I don't like wearing them, because, A. my feet hurt after 3minutes in them and B. there is still enough snow and ice around that my feet will get cold. Well, later as the kids were deciding on which small project they'd like to learn on, this idea popped into my mind for Levi. So, he traced his foot and his mum cut it out on rug hooking canvas and basted the edges over and Levi and I started hooking them. Well, they were turning out so nice by the time I went home, I knew I had to try a pair for myself! They only took an hour each to make and that included carding the wool that went into them. I wore them all day yesterday at work in my shoes and my feet were so comfy all day! Walking on clouds. I've got plantar fascitis (heel spurs) and wear expensive inserts - well, so far these wool soles are just as good. Also, they're warmer! And they absorb moisture better. I'm going to make a pair for a few guys I know - Larry, because we were talking about it, my dad because he has foot troubles too, and last night I was talking to Nathan who was walking funny because, he said, he was walking on concrete all day and it hurts his feet. I"ll give them all these soles and see what they think. Oh, and uncle Allan, too - he's up north where it is very cold - and he and I have close to the same size feet :o). With the ones I made yesterday, I added extra loops where the arches are, which worked out great.

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Kelly Cardwell said...

cool boots - every gum boot wearer I know could use a pair - hockey game watchers as well