Saturday, June 1, 2013

Where Does Time Go?

I have never really been blessed with remembering years.  Like, 'the blizzard of '68' or the 'flood of ;75' or whatever...  Basically I remember the year I was born (the number, not the event), the year I graduated - and that's really about it.  I am intensely visual, which isn't always a blessing, so I remember people and events, just not the year it happened. 
It's amusing to me to find that what my parents and grandparents etc always said, is now exiting my own lips.  Where did the time go?  They grow up fast. 
I have been intensely blessed to watch my nephew and nieces grow.  It boggles the mind how fast it is happening though.  Can someone please slow it down?
I laughed last weekend when these two nieces were out.  They love doing dishes.  And lucky for them, Auntie always has dishes to do!  I remember cringing inside as I'd let them three years ago.  But in no time at all they've become super competent and a real help at ages only 4 and 8.   

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Michelle said...

Welcome back, Heather! I don't remember dates/years very well, either; some only by a complicated chain of references from other things I DO remember