Sunday, September 12, 2010

A friend for Domino?

Being the only goat on the place, Domino has done very well. He acts like the King and treats all the other animals as his subjects. He was a rescue goat - he was the only goat on his previous place, too, but his subjects were cows, and took offense at his rulings and beat him up pretty bad. He has a limp now. He loves to snuggle and be with me. I don't know what he thinks he is. I love his personality, though. He tries to help me round up the sheep and treats it like a game every time. When I'm out fencing, he comes behind me as I'm bent down and
leans his head on my back. And just holds it there. When I'm in a good mood, he's charming. When I'm in a bad mood - well, this is a family blog :o).
I'm getting a new goat. A Nanny with two little doe kids. I have no idea how Domino is going to react to her. He's wethered, but - ? Or will he be jealous (I have a hunch this will be more the case). I have been so excited about the new goat. I've built a pretty intense goat pen - 6ft boards, but the boards were free. All that's left to do is to hang the gate and build the stanchion. That's tomorrow's job. Then, maybe Tuesday I can pick up my new girl.


Michelle said...

Stanchion, huh? Goat milk - or will it be goat's milk soap - here we come?

Jayne said...

OH, I do hope they all get along Heather. :c)

Grandma Ruth said...

Hello Wooly Tales. I found your link via a posting on freecycle -- you were giving way kittens. Although I don't need a kitten right now, I would like to connect with someone living near Lethbridge who has sheep/goats.