Monday, June 7, 2010

Outside Garden

I can't remember where I saw this idea. It is a Tipsy Turvy pot thing. I've got herbs in it. It was super easy to build - there's a copper pipe in the ground and then you just thread your terracotta pots onto it and lean them to the side. Put in some dirt and plants and voila. The girls and I enjoyed painting the pots one rainy afternoon. I'd like to try another one, but I think I will cap the bottom of the pipe and put little holes in it so that I can fill the pipe from the top and it will water the plants from the inside out.
I found this cross-country ski boot in my south pasture and decided to plant a little bacopa in it. I can't wait till it starts to fill out and bloom.
Baby peas - I can't wait! I'm putting straw down for my paths and then as the plants grow, I put it in amongst them as well to help keep weeds down and moisture in. It takes quite a bit of straw, but it's worth it. This garden takes about 12 bales. I tried wood shavings last year, but it was expensive and they just get mixed in the next spring and I have to start over. Here's a bigger picture of my garden. Hmmm, it looks horribly boring like this. In this picture you can mainly just see the vegetable part. I've got two perennial flower gardens in here and my herb garden. It all has to go in this fenced off area thanks to my woolly critters.

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Evelyn said...

I love your planters, especially the topsy turvy one, with the CUTE painted pots!