Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The train runs close by my place. When I first moved here, it was noticeable. It still is, but in a different way. It's kinda nice, the sound of it going by. Reassuring, strong and steady. It gives 4 blasts of its horn every time it goes by. At night when I'm trying to fall asleep, the lights run around my walls to let me know it's coming before I hear it.

It's funny, now when I see train pictures, I get Johnny Cash's song, Folsom Prison Blues, in my head, "I hear a train a comin'....." I didn't know the song until I started hanging out with my five year old niece, Jesse. She knows all the words. It was cute until I heard her sing the low, gravely, "I shot a man in Reno just to watch him diiiiiee," - not really appropriate for kindergarden :o). Her grandpa loves it that she loves Johnny Cash though.

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Beverly said...

I know what you mean about trains ... our farm was near the train tracks too and like you said, it's a comforting sound to hear on a daily basis. Also it serves as a good reminder of what time it is when you're busy on the farm. My Dad would often forget to wear a watch when he went outside to do chores - but the 12:00 train always brought him in for lunch!

I was thinking about you when I got an invitation to our 20 Year Grad. Will you be there? I would love to see you! Chat to you soon!