Monday, April 5, 2010

Annie and Andy

Annie had been under the weather off and on for several days and liked nothing more than snuggling with Bailey. Bailey has enough Hound Dog in her, that she doesn't mind who sleeps with her, as long as they don't disturb her too much.
On Saturday, Annie turned a corner and now she is a regular, playful, goofy lamb. And she is happy because now she has a buddy. Meet Andy:

Andy is a triplet, and he wasn't getting enough nourishment from his mum. She is such a good mum and can count to 3 so well and often takes her babies to the warm barn to keep them warm - we have had so much awful wind lately and it is hard on the little ones. Andy was going down hill and so I brought him in the house with the intent of warming him up, feeding him and sending him back out to his mum. But, he improved so much in the house and was so comfortable and Annie was so happy with her new playmate, I decided to keep him in the house. Could I do anything else? Hmmm?
Andy - in his skinny-ness. Next pictures will show a much healthier lamb!


Lynn Stromwall said...

Oh, that is too cute! If I didn't live so far away I'd invite myself over to give some hugs and kisses. I know the work is hard but what sweet rewards.

Deborah said...

Lambs really are adorable, but I just couldn't imagine them in the house.