Monday, February 15, 2010

Auntie Day

The kids came out on Saturday so their mum and dad could go celebrate each other for Valentine's Day.
Jesse has labeled the days I spend with them, "Auntie Days". I love that term. I was looking forward to the day a lot. I wanted to play outside with them and build forts and stuff. Fort building was my total favourite as a kid. It ended up a bit nippy, so we only stayed outside for about an hour. We had a hugely fun day!

Nippy cheeks. SO CUTE! Sara had a bit of a cold, but she had so much fun playing outside with the big kids.
Brenden and Lucy, the turkey. He is a bird-loving kid. He has a real way with chickens - I've never seen anyone who enjoys them so much.
Our fort - complete with a WINDOW!
Oh so cozy! Jesse, Jayme and Sara
"Auntie.... the goat!" (If I leave the door open - the goat will come in! Sara discovered this fun-fact)

Crafts with the girls

Making peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies - dog and cat, too!

Playing Wii - now this is a GREAT invention! The kids were sweating when they finished playing this game. It really makes a person move.

Well, Daniel was tired and discovered some new - not so moving - techniques.

Happy Auntie Day


Deborah said...

They are so cute.

Jayne said...

Oh, now that looks like too much fun! I am sure they had a blast being with their "Auntie Heather!"