Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Puppy Prayers

I love this picture. I was cruising around looking for pictures on lolcats and loldogs - I love those two websites - always good for a laugh... I haven't set up my camera program yet on my new computer, so I can't use my own pictures yet. I'm really loving this new computer. I think I am a Mac convert, folks!


Michelle said...

Welcome to the "bright side"! I've had Macs since 1986.... :-)

Beverly said...

Heather, I love this picture too! I have a copy of it, framed and sitting on the end table in my 8 year old son's room! Too cute!
Hope you're doing well!

Deborah said...

That really is a cute picture.

Cicero Sings said...

Hi! I see you become a follower of my blog. Thanks!

We both have Macs ... I converted first and when my husband saw how good they were ... he got a Macbook Pro!! Sometimes we women have to lead the charge.

Glad to meet up with a fellow Canadian (I'm from central B.C.) and a shepherdess no less ... have you read Marsha Boulton's books? A fun read if you haven't.

I need to go back in your blog to find out more ... but thanks for stopping by my own!