Monday, December 7, 2009

D'Ya Need a Smile?

Now there, did I getcha? Are you smiling? May I introduce you to my newest
niece. She's already six months old and an introduction is way past due. Please
meet Alaina Heather. Her smiles are her most precious commodity - next to her name,
of course!


Deborah said...

What a pretty baby.

Evelyn said...

Yes, I DID need a smile.... thanks so much! She's such a cutie, and I DO like her name. :~)

Pam said...

Hi ya Heather,
I've been meaning to write you for a while. Wanted to let you know I am sorry for the loss of your pastor. His story brought me to thinking of how we finish our lives. Do we know where we are going? We must strive not to step aside and it is all about getting to the end.
The sky is blue here, the harsh wind has gone, the cold winter breeze feels good on my face. The sheep are happy and I'm trying not to spend too much money. Faced with a mountain of house cleaning which may or may not get done. My daughter's coming home tomorrow from school so I'll clean out the coffee pot from the last time she was home and just enjoy myself.
Love to you and your wonderful family of critters of whom I now carry a picture of in my head.
Enjoy and be happy.