Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My New Digs

So this is a pic looking out south, from my front step. In all my busyness, I haven't taken a whole lot of pictures. But, here is the sheep shed there on the left, and the chicken coop on the right. Yeah, the chicken coop looks bigger than the sheep shed, but they are only in the lean-to part there on the left side. It's an old horse barn. There is room for more animals inside, and the calf just spent a week in there recupperating (sp?) from a llama attack. My new llama has a real hate on for poor Matilda. HATE. I've never seen the like! He chases her, bites her, knocks her down and tries to kill her. He's fine with every other animal on the place. Even the darn fox that ate a few of my chickens! Matilda is scheduled to go to market this week, though.
We've had 10 days of below freezing temps here. It's been a bit of a shock. I wasn't ready, that's for sure. It's supposed to be very warm this weekend, though, so it'll be busy busy busy winterizing.
So I"m living on a little 1/4 section, but most of it is rented out to crops, so I"ve had to downsize my flock. It's been a big move for me. I've got my flock culled down to my best ewes. I've increased my chicken flock by 100 leghorns. Nobody is laying much this week, though, as I'm re-wiring their coop for light and heat, poor girls.
The road to my farm is paved - what a concept! And there are several farms in quite close proximity. Right across my road is a nice family, one of their kids, Daniel, had made my place his second home :o). He's 11 and has been a big help in my whole operation - feeding chickens, chasing sheep.... you name it. Fencing. Oy, fencing. I had to do a bunch of fencing here. And I still have more yet to do. But, if it were all finished, what would I do? (I just rolled my eyes, there).
Well, there's a bit of a wordy update for ya! Cheers.

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Michelle said...

Thanks for the update! Sounds like you've gone into egg producers big-time! Are they free-range? How much pasture do you actually have (or should I say, WILL you have, when you're done fencing)?