Saturday, April 4, 2009

Looking for Spring

Okay, Spring has been trying to show up, but winter has really dug his heels in this year. Have you ever noticed how Spring is an all sense-encompassing event ? Listening to our old Spring bird-friends returning, smelling the new growth, looking for the green rebirth, digging your hands into eager soil. Even in the taste department, my body is no longer satisfied with the winter diet rich in carbs, but is craving fruit and veggies. Imagine that. The Hutterites have radishes already. How can that be??
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Deborah said...

I love that picture. So cute.

Annie Wicking said...

Happy Easter,

Best wishes,

Kelly said...

...such a cute little goat!!!
We fought spring this year too. Winter wouldn't let go, and I know what you mean about Spring being of the senses. As everything thaws out, our senses really come to life, and we want to experience the sights and smells again.