Sunday, January 4, 2009

All I Want for Christmas....

Now, isn't that a great smile? That's one of the many smiles that greeted me when I went home for a couple of days for Christmas.
Since Christmas, we've had snow and wind. And wind and snow. And more wind. Only the four wheel drives are getting out of our yard, and that's with an hour of plowing with the tractor, and a good hour of shovel work. If it would just warm up and stop blowing long enough to have a good day of toboganning, I'd be happy!! Not that I'm unhappy, but I live among so many great hills and we've been without decent amounts of snow for so long, I'm getting itchy to get on a sled.
School starts again tomorrow for the kids in the area and I get to drive bus until the end of Feb. Yay!!! I'm a substitute bus driver. I really like it. With all the snow and wind (did I mention we had snow and wind over the holidays?) we've had, it may be interesting getting kids out of their yards, but after being snowed in for so long, we all need an adventure, right? I very well may be singing a different tune tomorrow, hehe.


Deborah said...

What a pretty little girl. She would be fun to knit, sew, etc. for. Have fun driving in all that weather.

Jayne said...

So sweet! Be careful driving that bus Heather...eek! :c)